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We are proud to announce that Invision Digital Media has been awarded Best of Houzz 2014 for Service by! We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality photos and customer service possible!

Is Your Listing Clicked On or Clicked Over?


Is your listing clicked on or clicked over? This is a very important question in this digitized and web-based society! In the world of online marketing and social media, professional photography and having eye-catching photographs are more important than ever before. It’s what drives traffic, and as the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression! Over the course of the past several photo shoots,  I have made it a point to shoot the same rooms with a regular digital camera or iphone before completing everything I normally do when I do a shoot such as staging, lighting and searching for best angles.

As I browse through websites of home listings, apartment and condo advertising sites and other marketing sources, I see plenty of poor representations of properties simply because of the poor photographs. Most people browsing look at the first photograph and if it is not appealing they keep moving on to better photographs!

I completed this project to show the undeniable difference between basic photos and professional photography! As you can see by the photos below, it is important to have a professional photographer capture the best lighting, angles and flow of the room with the right equipment and experience.


As I browse online, there are some photos that stick out like a sore thumb and flat out should have never been used. I wanted to share a few of these as well…would you click on this property or listing if you saw this photo? It is probably fair to say that these properties most likely don’t get much traffic, which will result in that home being on the market for a much longer period of time and will ultimately require lowered pricing and result in less commissions for Brokers. Would you believe that all of these listings are for price points higher than $250,000?

There are a few rules to live by when getting ready to place a home on the market:

1. Declutter

2. Remove as many personal belongings as possible

3. Stage the home to appeal to as many people as possible

4. Make it sparkle

5. Hire a professional photographer

My next blog post I will be discussing the top 40 things to do when preparing your home or listing for a professional photo shoot.


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IMG_8914Invision Digital Media works hard to build solid, long-lasting relationships with our clients! When you work hard and love what you do it makes it all worth it! When satisfied clients share their satisfaction with you to let you know how much you have helped them or added value to their job it makes it even more worth it. Here are a few recent testimonials I wanted to share!

Invision Digital Media did a fantastic job photographing my real estate listing. She was flexible in scheduling, had great pricing, was punctual, knew exactly the best angles to get perfect photos, helped with staging, and took her time

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The Lighthouse Keeper

photoI have always been intrugued by lighthouses. Whenever we go on a trip it is a must to visit the lighthouses and learn of the history, take photos and of course, climb up it. Before GPS, satellite weather radar or other modern automation, the lighthouse keeper was the last safeguard against maritime disasters. The keeper was responsible for keeping the tower’s light lit and maintained all through the night.

Although lighthouse keepers in the traditional form are extremely rare these days, those that have a love for lighthouses and the ocean have unique opportunities to become short-time light house keepers.  In some cases at no cost and/or lodging is provided and in other cases you can pull an RV onto the pad and have cost free, oceanfront living for up to 6 weeks

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Photos of Your Home Matter in Real Estate

Photo by Invision Digital Media

Photo by Invision Digital Media

There is a reason why photos of your home matter in real estate. It is one of the most important aspects of real estate in today’s social and online environment!

This great article was published in Forbes and it was too good not to share!

Before the days of the Internet and online real estate listings, a buyer’s first impression of a new home for sale was often the “drive by.” An agent would see the new listing in his real estate book and would call or fax the buyer with the address. The buyer would then go to the address and drive by to get a first look. Or, if a buyer was just starting to look, he would read a brief description of the home in the Sunday paper and decide whether or not to attend that day’s open house.

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